I can never get to these con posts in a timely fashion!

Anyways, ReaderCon was awesome! I’d never been before, but certain people, among them Nick Mamatas, Geoffrey Goodwin, Michael Cisco, Caitlin Kiernan, Jeff VanderMeer, Livia Llewellyn, Nathan Ballingrud, Mike Marano, and John Langan made it an awesome and memorable experience. There were many, many others—lists like these only serve to exclude—but those mentioned above really made me feel welcome and at-home the whole time. Also I got a tutorial on push-hands and Chen-style Tai Chi from Nick and Michael Cisco which was kind of the coolest thing ever.

I only saw two panels: One on Frankenstein (that, sadly, was ruined by the moderator being a blowhard and a jerk to Genevieve Valentine), and one on “Wet Dreams and Nightmares” which was awesome and weirdly raunchy. Otherwise I worked the Prime Books and Clarkesworld tables, wandered around, and tried to find food I could eat. On that front, the first day and a half were pretty dire, but Geoffrey took me to a Trader Joe’s on the second night which enabled me to get provisions for the rest of the con. Oh, and Genevieve totally brought me a vegan brownie from the Tiptree bake sale because she is amazing.

Now I’m home again, catching up with reality. I had/have some deadlines going on, but the Major Thing I wanted to accomplish before ReaderCon was accomplished. Yay for that.

More anon, including pictures of the 14er hike I did on Tuesday that left me with a sprained ankle!