I’ve got a story in this:

So pretty, no? It’s the companion to Historical Lovecraft, natch. It’s also 20% off right now, until December 4th, for the pre-sale, so if you’re looking for a gift for that someone special, now’s the time to jump on this beast. It’s got stories by me, Nick Mamatas, Jesse Bullington, E. Catherine Tobler, Orrin Grey … you know, the usual suspects. Here’s the ToC and the Introduction, if you need more convincing.

Mine’s called “Go, Go, Go, Said The Byakhee” and it’s nowhere near as long as the Ivybridge Twins in Historical Lovecraft, so don’t worry! Also there’s no byakhee. Ha! It’s my, um, homage I guess to Sonya Dorman’s “Go, Go, Go, Said The Bird” which I read many years ago as a sophomore in college.

Ah, and look! It’s Cyber-Monday so you can support a small online business by pre-ordering.