Not much to report here. Movie blogging will start next week because I had a whole bunch of unexpected things thrown my way, but for now, I’d just like to say… I love my Vibrams. I’ve worn my Classics for about two years now, to the gym, around town, etc., and they’re great. But at the beginning of summer I bought a pair of the TrekSports, for summer hiking when I didn’t feel like dragging out my giant heavy hiking boots. They’re really awesome, but until this week I never really put them to the test on a serious trail. Tuesday I tackled an eight mile hike, which took me up 1600 feet over 4 miles to a pristine alpine valley (forgot my camera, because of course I did). My little TrekSports got me there and back again, thus earning their spurs.

Molly TanzerOther than that, life has had its ups and downs of late, but overall things are good. Oh, and as a matter of Serious Interest I’m updating my author photo to the one to the left. My dawgg Becky took it when she was out here visiting a few weeks ago, and I <3 it. The most interesting part of the photo, the background, is the mountain range along the continental divide drive you can do if you come visit me and we go out to Rocky Mountain National Park! So there you go.