So a million years ago when I was just a wee Tanz I watched The Princess Bride and I knew then forevermore my heart belonged to Cary Elwes and eventually my life would turn out like this:

except with photoshop, i guess

Well, that didn’t happen, but that’s OK because I am in love with this new project in that gibbering head-over-heels sort of manner that people affect when they’ve met that new someone (you know, when you can’t shut up about your new squeeze and no one cares but your friends humor you and agree that every stupid insignificant moment between you and your new person does indeed bear repeating and is significant). Perhaps it’s not quite akin to what I felt for Cary Elwes all those years ago, but damn near close.

And for what I specifically imagined I’d have with Mr. Elwes, well, that turned out lovely as well.