On the 26th of December, 2008, I began blogging here at WordPress, and it’s been a good time. The blog has mutated from being a reading-blog to a personal space to rant (here’s an example, where I predict Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters, no, really) to something (somewhat) more professional. It’s been my first exercise in consistent blogging and I’d like to celebrate by doing a contest/giveaway, so here it is: I am going to celebrate by doing a contest/giveaway.

Between now and December 26th, if you’d like to submit an original piece of flash fiction (under 500 words) which features the phrase “paper fruit” in some manner, write it up and send it to paperfruitcontest at gmail dot com. The winning entry as well as the runner-up will receive a fabulous prize. Both will also have their stories published on my blog.

More details below. . .

First prize will get to choose his or her prize, runner-up will get the other.

What are the prizes? Oh man. You should be excited.

My ace editor Sean Wallace has donated a hardcover two-volume set of the early works of Philip K. Dick, put out by Prime. These beauties could be yours. . .

and also:

My ace boom-boom (a phrase I just learned) Jesse has generously offered to donate a signed UK-edition copy of The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart, which is a book that apparently got published recently:

This contest will be entirely fair, meaning of course, it won’t be fair at all (you’re trying to please me) but that said, attempts at currying favor by featuring me in a flattering way will likely just be looked at as attempts to curry favor unless they are also really really good. Joke entries are welcome, is what I’m saying, but genuine attempts at the flash-fiction medium will be looked at the most favorably. As I said, the only requirement is that the entry contain the phrase “paper fruit” in some manner. So send them in! The cutoff date is December 26th, I’ll announce a week or so later who won.

Good luck!