3930562108_f07c8dec17I have less than no time for VeganMoFo these days (my parents just left 20 minutes ago, less than 1 week until I interview Garth Nix, Thursday I leave for WFC) but here are some pics from Tasty Harmony, a lovely restaurant in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Tasty Harmony is not all vegan but it is very very vegan friendly (including all their desserts). John, me, Raech, and Jesse met our friends Becca and Shawn up there. Not all the pictures came out, but here are the highlights.

We started off with nachos (the creamy-lookin stuff is cashew cheez):


My meal was my favorite on the table. I think it was called Bubbeh’s Delight and had seitan, mashed potatoes, gravy, house-made sauerkraut, seasonal veg:


John got a veggie burger and mashed taters:

burger and mash

Shawn got a tempeh reuben:

tempeh reuben

Raech and Becca got meatball subs:

meatball sub

We all shared key lime pie for dessert:

key lime pie