OK, so maybe I’ve been a little negative about veganism as of late. It’s hard sometimes to stay positive when the most vocal organization that represents one’s movement of choice seems to be entirely run by shit-smeared assholes, and the world at large is such a hostile place for creatures who simply cannot advocate for themselves, but there I go again.

BUT! There are plenty of people out there making the world a better place. I hope one day I can do as much as these awesome folks, but until I get more settled, that’s only a dream (but one day, I swear, I will open my vegan public house, and the beer and spirits will flow as people chow down on sandwiches and other cruelty-free fare). Therefore, instead of focusing on the bad stuff, here’s some of the good. Many thanks to these folks and everything they do.

First, I have to give big ups to the Post Punk Kitchen, the forums, and the recipe archive, and the brilliant founders, Isa and Terry. These forums helped me go vegan more than anything else on the internet, and without the support there, I might not have made it. While other vegan message boards frightened me with intense, angry debates over seeing eye dogs and whether one should boycott the Lord of the Rings movies because they used real horses instead of CGI ones, as well as making me feel daunted by the “sacrifice” of veganism (newsflash: it’s totally easy to be vegan, actually) the folks over at the PPK were teaching me how to make tofu scramble that cured me of my deep-rooted love of eggs and supporting me when I published my first-ever published article (about vegetarianism in children’s books) in Herbivore.

Next up it’s Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe. The owners Ken and Leigh are super-nice and every Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, and other sort of event I order people chocolates and soap and all sorts of goodies from them. They also carry Teese, the holy grail of vegan cheese, esp. the nacho sauce.

Herbivore Clothing Company is run by the wonderful Josh and Michelle, and I really want both the Save a Horse, Ride a Vegan shirt and the brand new super-cute Compassion is Invincible tee, two sentiments I heartily agree with.

In terms of people who do work every day to directly benefit animals in need, Farm Sanctuary has received my praise (and my donations) for many a year. Our very first vegan Thanksgiving John and I adopted a turkey from them to symbolize our new commitment and I am kind of sad that I haven’t yet told them where I live now so they will send me address labels and also tons of color leaflets detailing all the adorable piglets and lambs that need my dollars RIGHT NOW. Actually those are really heartbreaking so maybe that’s for the best. Anyway, they rule. Check out the Rescue and Adoption stories if you want to cry a lot. Although I don’t know as much about Peaceful Prairie but they seem wonderful, as well. I am intending to visit them soon and also attend the benefit for them catered by Chef Matt over at Sun Deli and Liquor (not a hardship, since Chef Matt is my current culinary hero).

That’s about all I have time for today, but I will do more of this in the future. Next up I plan to do a roundup of cookbooks that every vegan, or everyone who wants to do the earth and the animals a favor by cooking vegan once in a while, should own!