Yesterday I wasted a lot of my time writing an incomprehensibly rambling screed on why PeTA pissed me off recently (the whole debacle over PeTA’s really stupid “Save the Whales” campaign, and their later non-apology for it). It regarded PeTA’s claim that going “vegetarian” would automatically cause you to lose weight and how that was simply bad science. But, to be fair, it also regarded how members of the fat-positive movement (many members of which blogged and protested the billboard, some directly to Ingrid Newkirk herself) were also cherry-picking the studies they liked in order to justify their own claims about health and weight, and how that was not OK either. I concluded with some more rambling about how body-positive doesn’t equal fat-positive necessarily, and how I wasn’t a jerk for calling out the fat-positive movement. Awesome!

N-E-WAYZ I think I’ll just post to Vegans Against PeTA, a great blog that should really make some stickers I could put on my bike.