Despite my negative rantings and insanity this morning, I am always continuously amazed and grateful when non-vegans are sympathetic, understanding, and considerate of my world view, especially strangers. I got this email in my inbox this morning from Omerica Organics, a company that makes sustainable, environmentally-friendly, beautiful hardwood plugs. I asked if they could make their plugs without beeswax, and this was the response:

That is no problem at all. We finish our plugs so smooth that
they do not require the wax, we just do it for a nice finish. We
recommend using jojoba oil to care for your plugs anyway, and we
can most certainly finish your plugs with the jojoba instead. We
have had this request before, and it is not a big deal for us.
All you have to do is order your plugs. Then, when you get to
the checkout page, there is a box for special requests. Just
type "Please do not use beeswax to finish, jojoba oil is fine
though". That note will be printed on your order, and the plug
makers will be sure to not use the wax.

Cynics might cry capitalism but I don’t care. These people will be receiving business from me sometime soon. And I resolve, from here on out, to remember this, and more, when I sometimes feel like the world is out to drive me insane.