It took about 15 minutes of Telemachos being home before he started being incredibly hyper and bad and so therefore back to normal. You’d think getting your nuts removed would make you simmer down for at least a day, but despite my best efforts he’s back to jumping on things, biting things, and generally refusing any of the aftercare advice given to me by the vet tech. I can’t seriously consider keeping him locked in his carry-case so he’s living in the bedroom for the next week, trying to get out and play with Penelope.

I’m feeling a little sick, a slight cold I’m worried will settle in my chest. I’m also worried about my Greek exam tomorrow but given that I pretty much aced the practice exam he sent out I don’t think it will be too bad.

Things are going well with editing the book but I’m a little frustrated by some news I got yesterday that I can’t really write about here. I’m still going to press on and finish the project with Jesse but the future of the book might not be as bright as I had initially desired and hoped given a few circumstances.